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Google Maps

Ring Alarm/ Call Me/ Wake Me Up When I Reach my Destination. 

Google Map

Generally when we use google maps as travelers or during a journey then what we do is we keep on looking at the screen so that we don't miss our destination. Though there is a soft reminder, when the voice is on which is not enough for breaking concentration or waking me up if I am asleep. So if there is a feature added that upon reaching the destination or 5 minutes or 500 meters ahead of the destination (as the user customizes) it will ring a bell or set an alarm for waking up or to be alert when I am near to my destination then it can be a very useful feature for all the users of Google maps.

Biggest Platform for your Brain Child

IDEA Varsity

  1. We have almost all kinds of communities and social media platforms. But Do we really have all types of the community? What about your Brain Child? Actually, we don't have a well-established destination for our creation. This is where we are not only lagging; instead, our success tends to be zero. So, this IDEA Varsity will be the biggest platform for our Creations, Innovations, and Brain Child. This will be free for all and easily accessible to everybody. Those who have some silly IDEAs even, they can also have someplace to nourish their creativity. And who knows, some of these silly IDEAs will happen to be the seed of the next most significant Innovation. And obviously, this will be a place for professional individuals and Companies. Surely they will share their IDEAs, Innovations, Creations, Discoveries, which can be with the price tag or without the price tag for those who want to work further with the base IDEA. It can also be a place for patenting any discoveries or Innovation, indeed with or without the price tag. This can be the most prominent platform for Brands and companies to share the IDEAs about the features of the following product they are launching and take feedback from the users. Moreover, This will be an IDEA, Innovation, Discovery, and Creation centric platform.
Google Maps

Mark my Footprint

Google Maps

Sometimes we use Google Maps for some adventure or hiking. That time after reaching to returning point we often forget our way back. So if there is a feature added to google maps which will mark way when we start it and after reaching to the returning point following the marked way on map we can easily return back to the start point. This will not only be a great feature for hiker only rather this will be a very helpful feature in our day to day life.

Look Alike

According to some experts every person in this world has 6 other similar looking persons. And in this era there is no doubt that Facebook & Google has the most extensive collection of faces. So using AI & Database if we start a service which will help them to find their Look Alike buddies then this will a very popular feature within a very short time. At the same time this will help people to come closer despite of regional boundaries. Irrespective of their ages this will win the heart of everybody within a very brief period of time. What we need, just a small initiative to start it.